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Mission Statement: Our mission is affirming the Lordship of Christ and expressing our faith through worship, fellowship, growth, and service.  We welcome you to share with us in the joy of this exciting venture of faith.


Christian Reformed Church:

We call ourselves Christian to mark us as followers of Jesus Christ, God's Son and our Savior.

We call ourselves Reformed because of the Protestant Reformation, which happened in Europe in the 1600s.  At that time, people re-examined the Bible to better understand God's will, which led to the beginning of the protestant churches, of which we are one.

We use the word Church to mean that we are part of a group of Christian believers which extends through the whole world and all of history.

As a church, we affirm the truth of the Trinity, the virgin birth of Jesus, Jesus' suffering and death on the cross for our sins, his bodily resurrection from the dead, and that we humans are sinful and only saved by God's grace through faith in Jesus and his death and resurrection.

Our History:

In 1890, a group of people who lived south of Prinsburg, MN decided to start German-speaking  Christian Reformed church.  After meeting in homes and in the local school building, the group of people involved purchased land for a church and parsonage in 1892.  They also called Reverend Johann Gulker to be their pastor.  The church and parsonage were dedicated in 1893 and a bell was donated by Jan and Dorothea Bruns - the bell is still in use today.

In 1894, the fist Dutch families started to attend the church and so the church began to be bi-lingual in 1903.

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