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Church Service Recordings -

(These are in mp3 format. To put on an audio cd you will have to convert them to .wav format. Some cd creation programs do this for you. There are also good free programs that can do this at www.download.com. Search for an audio file converter.)
2017 Recordings

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5-21-17  "What is Central"        Galatians 2:15-21  PDavid            Download
5-14-17 "The Jerusalem Council"  Acts 15:1-21     PDavid            Download
5-7-17  "For You Are All One in Christ Jesus"  Acts 8:26-40
                                                                                  PDavid            Download
4-30-17  "Standing at the Right Hand of God"  Acts 6:8-15; 7:54-60
                                                                                  PDavid             Download
4-23-17  "The Lamb of God: Our Shepherd"  Ps 23 PDavid           Download
4-16-17  "The Road to Emmaus"  Luke 24:13-35     PDavid             Download
4-9-17    "Behold Your King"  Luke 19:28-40          PDavid           Download
4-2-17    "Plastic Jesus"           Luke 18:31-19:10     PDavid           Download
3-26-17 "Sin Truth & the Cross"  Matt5:3; Isa57:14-21; James4:7-10
                                                                       Jerry Seehusen           Download
3-12-17   "What is the Kingdom of God Like?"    Luke 13:18-30
                                                                                     PDavid           Download
3-5-17    "Go and Do"    Luke 10:25-42                      PDavid            Download
2-26-17  "Perplexed by Jesus' Glorious Departure"  Luke 9:28-45
                                                                                     PDavid           Download
2-19-17  "Gospel Turning"            Luke 7:36-50         PDavid           Download
2-12-17  "Accepting God's Way"   Luke 7:18-35        PDavid           Download
2-5-17 "Good News For the Afflicted"  Luke 7:1-17  PDavid           Download
2016 Recordings
11-13-16am  "Knowledge of God and of Ourselves"  Isaiah 6:1-8
11-13-16pm  "What Praying is All About"  Luke 11:1-13  PDavid   
11-6-16  "Will the Past Sustain Me for Today?"  IKings 18:1-16 
                                                                                           PDavid    Download
10-30-16  "Like Sand Through a Sieve" 1Kings 17:1-16 PDavid    Download
10-23-16am "You Can't Always Get What You Want"   2Samuel 7:1-17
                                                                                      PDavid         Download 
10-23-16pm    "A God of Mercy"  Luke 18:9-14         PDavid         Download
10-16-16  "Jesus is King"     Romans 13:1-7                PDavid         Download
10-9-16am  Mission Emphasis Sunday                         PDavid         Download
10-9-16pm  "God's Never Ending Love"  Ex 32:1-14  PDavid
10-2-16  "God, the Great Deliverer"  Exodus 12:1-14  PDavid          Download
9-25-16  "Sacrificial Love"   Luke 10:25-37   Jerry Seehusen            Download
9-18-16  "The Kingdom Will Be the Lord's" Obadiah 15-21 PDavid Download
9-11-16 "The Glory of God"   Psalm 19   PJon Bushnell                    Download
9-4-16 "When Mercy Seasons Justice -Part2"   Jonah 4:1-11 PDavid Download
8-28-16pm  Reflections on God's Word   Multiple texts   PDavid       Download
8-28-16  "When Mercy Seasons Justice"   Jonah 3:1-10    PDavid     Download
8-21-16  "An Honest Thanks or a Partial Thanks"  Jonah 1:17-2:10
                                                                                  PDavid                Download 
8-14-16  "The Unexpected Mercy of God"  Jonah 1:1-16  
                                                                                   PDavid               Download      
8-7-16  "Greatness as Defined by Jesus"  Mark 9:30-37
                                                                 PGarrett Hoveland             Download
7-31-16 "Making Sons & Daughters of God"  Ps 82  PDavid            Download
7-24-16 "A City as Wide as God's Mercy"   Ps 87     PDavid            Download
7-17-16 "Going Somewhere.....But Where"     Ps 84  PDavid           Download
7-10-16 "The World Belongs to God, and So Do You"  
                                                             Psalm 121     PDavid             Download
7-3-16  "The Goodness of Unity"        Psalm 133     PDavid             Download
6-26-16 "Follow Christ, Lead Others" Joshua 1:1-9  Gary Wubben  Download
6-19-16  "An Unwanted King"         ISam 8              PDavid             Download
6-12-16  "God's Help Thus Far"       ISam 7:2-17      PDavid            Download  
6-5-16  "Who May Stand Before God?"    ISam 6:13-17:1   PDavid  Download
5-29-16 "God Has Made Atonement For Us"  ISam 6:1-12  PDavid  Download
5-22-16am  "God's Victory"   ISamuel 5:1-12             PDavid            Download
5-22-16pm   "Standing in Grace"   Romans 5:1-5       PDavid            Download
5-15-16  "Don't Be Afraid"  Matt 28:16-20  PAnthony Sytsma           Download
5-8-16am  "Corrected For Witnessing"  Acts 1:1-11     PDavid           Download
5-8-16pm  "Your Will Be Done"     Matt 6:5-15     PJon Bothoff         Download
5-1-16  "You are to Follow Me"       John 21:20-25        PDavid          Download
4-24-16am "Learning to be Led by Jesus" John 21:15-19  PDavid      Download
4-24-16pm  "Christ: Our Catharsis"      IJohn 1:8-2:2     PDavid         Download
4-17-16  "Jesus Nourishes His Church"  John 21:1-14    PDavid         Download
4-10-16am  "Jesus Transforms Our Doubts to Faith"  John 20:24-31
                                                                                           PDavid      Download    
4-10-16pm  "The Lamb Who Is Worthy"   Rev 5:11-14   PDavid      Download
4-3-16 "Jesus Transforms Our Fears to Joy  John 20:19-23 PDavid   Download
3-27-16  "He Is Not Here; He Is Risen"  Luke 24:1-12    PDavid       Download
3-24-16  Maundy Thursday Service                                  PDavid       Download
3-20-16  "A Not So Triumphant Entry"  Luke 19:28-40   PDavid       Download
3-13-16  "Fading Glory...God's Grace"  ISam 4:12-22      PDavid  Unavailable   
3-6-16  "God's Scandalous Victory"   ISamuel 4:1-11       PDavid       Download
2-28-16am  "God's Patient Call"         ISamuel 3:1-4:1a    PDavid       Download    
2-28-16pm   "A Tale of Two Woes"   Luke 13:1-9            PDavid       Download
2-21-16         No CD available
2-14-16am  "God's Intervention"          ISamuel 2:12-26    PDavid        Download
2-14-16pm  "A Fox and a Hen"            Luke 13:31-35       PDavid        Download
2-7-16  "Sleeping at the Transfiguration"   Luke 9:28-36    PDavid        Download
1-31-16  "God's Sovereignty & the Reversal of Human Fortune"  
                                                                    ISamuel 2:1-11   PDavid       Download     
1-24-16am  "God's Challenging Gift"        ISam 1:19-28     PDavid        Download
1-24-16pm  "God's Identity and Mission"   Luke 3:21-38    PDavid        Download
1-17-16  "God Raises the Heartbroken"       ISam 1:9-18     PDavid        Download
1-10-16am  "The Prelude to God's Grace"    ISam 1:1-8      PDavid        Download
1-10-16pm  "The Perspicuity of God's Word"  Ps 119:105-112
                                                                                      PBrady Mulder     Download
1-3-16  "God's Guidance For Our Lives"   Matt 2:1-12           PDavid      Download

2015 Recordings
12-27-15  "When Jesus Runs Away"          Luke 2:41-52         PDavid     Download
12-25-15  Christmas Program & "Of Shepherds, Sheep & Mary's Heart"
                                                                     Luke 2:1-20           PDavid     Download
12-20-15  "But Why Am I So Favored?"    Luke 1:39-56         PDavid     Download
12-13-15am  "Sometimes Our Longings Are Not Big Enough"   
                                                                   Luke 3:7-18              PDavid    Download           12-13-15pm "The Lord is Near"                Phil 4:4-7                PDavid     Download
12-6-15  "God Leads Us To Himself"        Luke 3:1-6                PDavid    Download
11-29-15  "Jesus' Daily Encouragement"   Luke 21:34-36          PDavid    Download
11-22-15am "Grace & Peace from our Triune God" Rev 1:4-8  PDavid    Download
11-22-15pm "But He Gives Us More Grace" John4:1-10  PJon Bushnell  Download
11-14-15  " Power Point"   Ephesians 1     PHerman VanNiejenhuis          Download     
11-8-15am  "Worship Worthy of God"     Mark 12:38-44      PDavid         Download
11-1-15  "God Protects His People"         Rev 7:9-17          PDavid            Download        
10-25-15am  "God Confronted Job"                Job 38          PDavid            Download
10-25-15pm  "What Kind of Mediator Should We Look For Then"  Isaiah 53
                                                   PDavid       Download
10-18-15   "God's Invitation to Wisdom"         Job 28          PDavid           Download
10-11-15am   Mission Emphasis "No Other Name"    Acts 4:8-12 
                                      Gene Michelson    Download        
10-11-15pm  "God's Patience"       Numbers 14:11-25          PDavid           Download        10-4-15 "God's Glory Revealed to Moses"  Exodus 34:1-10        PDavid    Download
9-27-15 "The Lord Rescued Them In Their Distress"  Ps124       PDavid    Download
9-20-15 "The Power of God to Heal Our Souls"  2 Kings 5:1-14  PDavid   Download
9-13-15am  "God's Faithfulness Gives Us Hope"  Lamentations 3:17-24
                                         PDavid            Download   
9-13-15pm "God Steps Down Into Our History"   Ps14  PDavid     Download   
9-6-15 "Jesus, the Glory To God, Leads Us Into Glory"  James 2:1-13
                                         PDavid            Download
8-30-15  "Jesus Guides Our Hearts Back To God"  Mark 7:1-13
                                         PDavid            Download
8-23-15am  "Our True Identity is Found in Christ"  Gal 3:23-29  PDavid
8-23-15pm  "God's Accusation, Our Comfort"  Jeremiah 17:5-11
                                           PDavid           Download
8-16-15 "God's Wisdom Given To Us"  IKings 3:1-15   PDavid    Download
8-9-15pm  "Jesus Comforts Us As Our Refuge"  Ps 16  PDavid     Download
8-9-15am  "Same Mind, Heart, & Spirit"   Phil 2:1-11  PJoseph    Download
8-2-15   "We Are But Dust"          Psalm 103               PJoseph     Download
7-19-15  "A Matter of Shalom"       Gen 37:12-36         PJoseph     Download
7-12-15  "God's Promises For the Future"  Phil 4:2-9   PCliff Hoekstra
                               Download                  Download
7-5-15 "Foreshadow of Things to Come"  Gen 37:1-11  PJoseph   Download
6-28-15am  "Bargaining Chips"    Genesis 32:22-32    PJoseph      Download
6-28-15pm  "Called To Serve"      Isaiah 49:1-7           PJoseph      Download 
6-21-15  "Commitment to the Promise"  Gal 3:26-29   PJoseph      Download
6-14-15am  "The Eternal Sabbath of the Lord of the Eternal Sabbath"
                                            Matthew 12:1-14   David Zigterman     Download
6-14-15pm  "I Have Other Sheep"  John 10:14-16   PJon Bothoff   Download
6-7-15     "Unresolved Feelings"       Psalm 32:1-11     PJoseph       Download
5-31-15      "God's Love"                    John 21:1-19       PJoseph      Download
5-24-15am "The Work of the Holy Spirit"  John 16:5-15  PJoseph  Download
5-24-15pm  "Incomparable Values"   Isaiah 44:6-23     PJoseph       Download
5-17-15   "Meeting at the Well"    John 4:1-26        PBen Groen       Download
5-10-15am  "Families For Christ"   Colossians 3:18-25  PJoseph      Download
5-10-15pm  "The Proof is in the Pudding"  Isaiah 44:1-5 PJoseph    Download
5-3-15      "Between Two Worlds"   I John 2:12-17        PJoseph      Download
4-26-15am  "Knowledge of the Holy"  I John 2:3-11      PJoseph      Download
4-26-15pm  "Magnifying Christ"   Isaiah 43:8-13           PJoseph      Download
4-19-15am   Weather Cancellation
4-12-15am  "Boundary Markers"    I John 1:1-2:2          PJoseph      Download
4-12-15pm  "Receiving Life Through Death"  Rev 2:8-11  
                                                      PBrady Mulder                              Download
4-5-15    "The Empty Tomb"         Luke 24:1-8              PJoseph       Download
3-29-15  "The Humble King"        Luke 19:28-44          PJoseph       Download
3-22-15  "Grafted Into God's Family"   John 15:1-17  Ben Johnson  Download
3-15-15  "The Covenant of Baptism"  Rom 6:3-10         PJoseph      Download
3-8-15    "Every Square Inch"         Luke 17:20-37         PJoseph      Download
3-1-15     "Balancing Act"   Luke 17:1-10                       PJoseph      Download
2-22-15am  "Kingdom Budgeting"   Luke 14:25-35       PJoseph      Download
2-22-15pm  "The Sovereignty of God"  Isaiah 43:1-7     PJoseph      Download
2-15-15  "Picture of Christian Leadership"  IPeter 5:1-5  PJoseph     Download
2-8-15am  "According to Your Word"  Ps 119:169-176  PJoseph      Download
2-8-15pm  "Two Sparrows"        Matt 10:26-33     PJon Bushnell      Download  
2-1-15  "Quality of Life Issues"   Psalm 119:105-112     PJoseph       Download
1-25-15am  "My Only Joy"           Psalm 119:17-24        PJoseph       Download
1-25-15pm  "Deaf and Blind to God's Purpose"  Isaiah 42:18-25
                                                                                          PJoseph       Download
1-11-15am  "The Source of Happiness"  Psalm 119:1-8  PJoseph       Download
1-11-15pm  "True Worship" Lord's Day 4  Isaiah 42:10-17  PJoseph  Download
1-04-15am   "A Shared Calling"    Hebrews 2:10-18       PJoseph      Download

2014 Recordings 
12-28-14am  "Kingdom Photosynthesis"  Mark 4:26-32  PJoseph       Download
12-28-14pm  "The Author and Perfecter of Our Faith"  Lord's Day 3
                                                            Isaiah 42:1-9           PJoseph      Download
12-25-14    Christmas Day Service    Matt 2:1-12    Isaiah 60:1-7
                                                                                             PJoseph      Download
12-21-14    "Serve the Way"                   Mark 10:35-45     PJoseph     Download
12-14-14     "Follow the Way"                John 1:29-51        PJoseph     Download
12-7-14       "Jesus Is the Way"               Luke 1:26-38        PJoseph     Download
11-30-14     "Prepare the Way"               Mark 1:1-8            PJoseph     Download
11-26-14     "Community Thanksgiving Service"                                   Download
11-23-14am  "Two Sides to a Story"       IThess 5:1-11        PJoseph    Download
11-23-14pm  Recording Unavailable
11-16-14       Recording Unavailable
11-9-14am  "The Talented Christian"   Matt 25:14-30       PJoseph      Download
11-9-14pm  "The Best Laid Plan"    Isaiah 40:1-11       PJoseph          Download
11-2-14  "The Power of Prayer"   I Timothy 2:1-8        PJoseph           Download        
10-26-14  "What Is Man That You are Mindful of Him"   Psalm 8  
                                PAaron Gonzalez       Download        
10-19-14  "A Harvest of Grace"        II Cor. 9:6-15       PJoseph          Download
10-12-14  "Children of the Promise"     Romans 9:6-8   PJoseph          Download
10-5-14  "Why Trust Matters"     Psalm 25:1-22            PJoseph          Download
9-28-14am  "The Language of God"  Psalm 145:14-21    PJoseph        Download
9-28-14pm  "The Heart of the Gospel"  Col 1:15-23    PJon Bothof     Download
9-21-14  "Book-Keeping Blues"  Matt 20:1-16  PHerm VanNewenhuis Download
9-14-14  "The Ethics of Faithful Living"   1John 3:1-3   PJoseph         Download
9-7-14    "Careful Living"         Ephesians 5:15-20         PJoseph          Download
8-31-14  "Behaving in Love"    ICorinthians 13:1-13      PJoseph         Download
8-24-14am  "Happiness in Christ"   Psalm 84:1-12         PJoseph         Download
8-24-14pm  "The Justice of God"   Isaiah 32:1-8            PJoseph          Download   
8-17-14    "Crisis Response"    Mark 5:1-20                    PJoseph         Download
8-10-14am  "Spiritually Disciplined"  Psalm 119:33-40  PJoseph         Download
8-10-14pm  "Live Worthy of Your Calling"  Eph 4:1-6  PJonBushnell  Download
8-3-14   "Hearing & Applying the Gospel"  Mark 4:21-25  PJoseph    Download
7-27-14am  "The Image of Covenantal Love"  Psalm 23   PJoseph      Download
7-27-14pm    "In God We Trust"      Isaiah 25:1-12        PJoseph         Download
7-20-14      "The Generous God"      Matt 20:1-6          PJoseph            Download   
7-13-14am   "Knowing God"            Psalm 19              PJoseph            Download    
7-13-14pm  "The Lord Will Reign"   Isaiah 24:1-23     PJoseph            Download
7-6-14   "Eyes Only On Jesus"       Mark 8:22-26          PJoseph             Download
6-29-14  "How Are We Instructed To Treat Our Brothers & Sisters In Christ"
                                                          Galatians 6:1-10     Craig Dirksen   Download
6-22-14am  "Turning Lament Into Praise"  Psalm 77:1-20   PJoseph        Download
6-22-14pm   "A Sense of Security"      Isaiah12:1-6             PJoseph        Download
6-15-14  "Why? What? How God Loves?"  John 17:20-26  PJoseph       Download
6-8-14am  "The Gifts of God For the People of God     John 17:1-19
                                                                                              PJoseph         Download   
6-8-14pm  "Rowing Together"      Ephesians 4:1-6      PBob Pollema      Download
6-1-14   "Prospering Through Obedience"   Malachi 4:1-5  PJoseph        Download
5-25-14   "Kingdom Ethics"             Zechariah 7:1-13       PJoseph          Download
5-18-14   Recording Unavailable   
5-11-14am  "Glimpses of Grace"       Proverbs 1:7-9         PJoseph           Download
5-11-14pm  "How God Changed the World Through Christ"   Isaiah 11:1-16
                                                                                             PJoseph          Download
5-4-14    "A Wake Up Call"                Micah 6:6-8             PJoseph          Download
4-27-14am  "Responsibly Engaging Culture"   Obadiah 1:1-21  PJoseph   Download
4-27-14pm   "The Prince of Peace"      Isaiah 9:1-7               PJoseph         Download
4-20-14   Easter   "Jesus is Risen"        Matthew 28:1-10      PJoseph         Download
4-13-14am   "Rediscovering Jesus"      Matthew 21:1-11     PJoseph        Download
4-13-14pm  "Behold the Man"              John 19:1-16       PJon Bothof     Download
4-6-14     "Covenant Faithfulness"        Hosea 1-2:1             PJoseph         Download 
3-30-14     "Eschatological Hope"         Daniel 12                PJoseph          Download
3-23-14am  "All You Need Is Love"     I John 4:7-21          PJoseph          Download
3-23-14pm  "Answers To Questions"    Isaiah 6:1-13          PJoseph           Download
3-16-14     "Wisdom Reveals God"       Daniel 2:1-49           PJoseph          Download
3-9-14am   "The Unfailing Promise"    Matthew 28:18-20   PJoseph           Download
3-9-14pm   "Christians and Culture"    Isaiah 2:1-22       PJoseph               Download
3-2-14     "The Breath of Life"    Ezekiel 37:1-14            PJoseph                Download
2-23-14am    "Hope is Our Comfort, Holiness is Our Purpose"   I Peter 1:13-25
                                                                                            PJoseph          Download
2-23-14pm  "The God of Mercy and Grace"   Isaiah 1:1-31  PJoseph          Download          
2-16-14    "Patience in the Face of Suffering"   James5:7-11  PJoseph          Download
2-9-14am  "Be Strong in Christ"     2Timothy 2:1-13            PJoseph           Download         
2-9-14pm  "Daniel's Deliverance"     Daniel 6:1-28            PJon Bushnell       Download
2-2-14   "God's Will For Our Lives"    Hebrews 10:19-31    PJoseph           Download
1-26-14       Weather Cancellation
1-19-14      "The Covenant Keeping God"     Ezekiel 1         PJoseph            Download
1-12-14pm  "Greet With a Holy Kiss"    Romans 16:1-20      PJoseph           Download
1-12-14am   "Irresistible Grace"    Jeremiah 52:1-34             PJoseph           Download
1-5-14       Weather Cancellation
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